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History of Global Dropship India

Since its inception in 2004, Global Dropship India is serving the needs of drop shipping for many online pharmacies in USA, Canada, UK and other European countries by providing quality branded and generic products at most competitive prices.

Highest International Quality Products (Medicine Dropsipper) Offered:

Global Dropship India offers the products which are manufactured either by the Multinational companies like Lupin, Glaxo Smithkline, Cipla, Ranbaxy, Wallace etc. or by the manufacturers which produce to the international pharmaceutical standards i.e. WHO GMP accredited and also hold the ISO 9001 Quality system certification. Our team of experts keep a regular check on the manufacturers and also on the laboratories for confirming the product quality and safety before the products are finally shipped.

Valuing our customer needs and striving to provide them the best in the industry helps Global Dropship India in attaining an upper level compared to other suppliers of generic medicines. Hence, Quality is assured at Global Dropship India.

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Pharmacy Dropshipping

EMS courier service
  • 100% guarantee, free reshipping.
  • Track able. Tracking numbers in 48 hours after order was placed. Delivery in
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  • 100% guarantee, free reshipping.

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Global Dropship India is a renowned drop shipping company supplying pharmaceutical products on behalf of leading online pharmacies from all over the world, particularly those in United States, Canada, and United Kingdom. After establishing our pharmacy dropshipping business in 2004, we have grown into a global company offering quality medicinal products at competitive prices. We mainly cater to online pharmacies, helping them deliver a wide range of medicines to their customers at cost-effective rates.

As pharmacy dropshipper, we stock all the products on your behalf, thereby eliminating the need for you to invest anything in infrastructure. All you have to do is send us the mailing address of your customers along with the name of the medicine ordered to you by them and the rest will be taken care of by us. We take full responsibility of delivering the product safely to your clients in your name itself. This is very important because your clients should never get the impression that the product has been shipped by someone else. We are so professional in our approach that your client will never know about us.

We operate only from India. All orders which are placed within 10:00 GMT are first shipped to Europe’s major mail exchanges and then to those of USA by 06:00 GMT the next morning. The same procedure is followed six days of the week. We ship our products in a plain white envelope which is unmarked and padded and have a neat mailing address label. We strongly believe in being transparent to your customers and that is why our package includes a packing slip which identifies the product as well as your company prominently.

We make use of only international courier companies for delivering our medicines to your customers because we care about your reputation and want the medicines to reach your clients as soon as possible and in perfect condition. Some of the courier companies used by us include DHL, Normal Express Post, USPS, UPS and FEDEX. While 6-8days are taken by EMS for delivery, 15-20 days are taken by Registered Air Mail for the same.

We have all the licenses needed for shipping medicines. What is more, we are also registered with important government agencies such as Import Export Department, Drugs Controller, Pharmacist License, Sales Tax department and Medicine Wholesaler License.

A Range of Products on Offer

As a pharmacy dropshipper, our list of products is variegated and includes medicines as well as health care products. They address a comprehensive range of problems like asthma, erectile dysfunction, blood pressure, various allergies, depression and stress, cholesterol, narcolepsy, obesity and many more. We can also be credited with supplying several branded products like Kamagra Gold, Kamagra Jelly, Female Kamagra, Generic Viagra, Viagra Professional, Generic Viagra Soft, Generic Cialis, Generic Cialis Soft, Generic Levitra, Acomplia, Tramadol, and Propecia. At present, we supply more than 1000 generic products on behalf of a host of online pharmacies throughout the world.

Some of the salient features of our pharmacy dropshipping service are as follows:

  • We do not indulge in any kind of interaction with your customers. We always maintain transparency with them and all our packaging is anonymous and discreet. The only thing we can do is include the details of your company on the packing slip that is shipped along with the product.
  • Shipping of the order is done within 48 hours and it takes 4-21 days to deliver the product to your end customers, with the average being 10 days. Owing to our geographic location, we can deliver orders only as fast as is allowed by connecting flights and other such international mail infrastructure.
  • Being a trusted pharmacy dropshipper, only quality products are shipped by us. The highest possible standards have been set by us for manufacture of our products. We take care to audit our manufacturing facilities in strict accordance with stringent WHO GMP guidelines. It is also important for them to be certified by ISO 9001 Quality Systems. What is more, medicine manufacturers are personally visited by Global Dropship India frequently to make sure the prevalent standards are followed and complied with diligently. Once manufacturing of the products is completed, they are evaluated by independent 3rd party laboratories for purity, uniformity and conformity. Only when final quality is ensured by these independent tests that delivery is accepted by us.
  • We understand that as an online pharmacy, you may have a wide array of requirements from your customers. Therefore, if you want delivery of any product which is not listed on our Products page, we are always ready to have a discussion and find a way out.

Global Dropship India Payment Details

Paying us is very easy. All you are required to do is transfer funds into our bank account directly. Once we receive your funds, we will credit your account at Global Dropship India. An order will be shipped by us only if there is sufficient amount of money in your account for covering the cost of that particular order. Thus, before you start trading, funds have to be deposited into your account.

Being a leading pharmacy dropshipper, we only engage in dealings with high-volume clients. The primary purpose of doing this is to keep our costs low along with benefiting from economies of scale. The same benefits are then passed on to you, thereby helping you increase your profit margins and establishing your name as a leading online pharmacist.

The deposit which is needed to begin trading with us is quite low. It is a meager US $ 1000 which can be easily afforded by you.

Things to Remember with Regard to GDI

If any of the medications ordered is below 300 (units) capsules or tablets, the shipping is regarded as ‘personal’ and sent by ‘registered post’ or EMS (speed post), depending on your formal requisition letter along with advance payment via wire transfer. In that case, the parcel is sent directly to your address or that of your client. Though this is the usual norm, there may be some restrictions owing to the rules and regulations of our client’s country. In such cases, we follow their instructions and supply medications to you or your clients directly by Speed Post, Normal Express Post or DHL courier.

If any of the medications ordered is above 300 (units) capsules or tablets, the shipping is considered as ‘commercial’, depending on your order confirmation and advance payment via wire transfer.

This works in the following two ways. For EMS courier service, the facilities you get are free reshipping, 100% guarantee, tracking service with a tracking number given to you within 48 hours of placing an order and delivery in seven to fourteen days. On the other hand, the facilities provided by Registered Air Mail are free shipping, 100% guarantee, no tracking service and a delivery date of fourteen to twenty one days.

The things done by us at the time of pharmacy droppshipping:

  • Your business name and/or return address are included by us.
  • Our company name is not included anywhere in or on the order.
  • The prices paid for the product/ products are not included anywhere in or on the order.

These rules are followed for two major reasons – firstly, to make sure your customers stay that way and do not get to know the mark-up prices and secondly, to never let your family and friends know the amount paid by you for our quality medicines.

Our pharmacy dropshipping service denotes a lot of things or, rather, advantages which can be enjoyed by you as an online pharmacist. They are as follows:

  • You do not have to pay anything upfront for stocking products. You also do not need a warehousing facility. This could save considerable resources and recurring costs such as rent and energy bills.
  • You do not have to make any shipment as this is exactly what we are concerned with doing.
  • You are relieved of packaging responsibilities which play a vital role in shipping and delivery. Packing is done at our end and at no additional cost.
  • There is no need for you to run to any shipping outlet such as the post office or the like.
  • You get relief from setting up accounts with various different companies and keeping track of accounts with every one of them.

We are among the most affordable pharmacy dropshipper to have worldwide operations. We source medicines from locations across the world and supply them to any location of your choice. Our global presence and business operations enables you to execute order from any territory of your preference. It also helps locate your consignment at any given point of time after its dispatch. For deliveries effectuated by couriers, a track number is provided which helps in tracking your shipment till delivery.

One of the most prominent aspects of our pharmacy dropshipping service is its remarkably low cost. You have to hear it to believe it! There is a big difference between your retail pricing and ours. And for once, there are no hidden fees. Everything is transparent and obvious. Another remarkable thing about our service is its range of products. We can say with confidence that no matter how much you try, you are not likely to find a bigger assortment of healthcare products on any single site than us. This is because we take care to add new products every week. This helps in increasing our portfolio and making it one of the most comprehensive ones ever to be found online. And to top it all, we offer all these products at wholesale prices.

Our team is directed and trained to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. This is done by delivering superior quality products and services at affordable prices. One thing you can be sure of is that our medicines will never be out of stock. This is because an astounding quantity of personalized products is kept by us and moreover, we share very good relations with suppliers. The moment a product becomes low-stock or even close to it, it is restocked within a couple of days.

Global Dropship India gives you the freedom or liberty to copy our product description and paste it into your website directly.

How Are We Different?

Choosing an appropriate pharmacy dropshipper for your range of pharmaceutical products is not an easy task. There are certain checks that need to be carried out before choosing a suitable pharmacy dropshipping company. Price is the predominant factor in determining a dropshipper. We always offer wholesale rates leaving you enough space to fix your retail price and earn handsome profits.

In addition to courier or mailing charges, many companies levy a handling fee that covers packing and other such service fees. There is no need to worry on that count when it comes to us. We do not charge anything for packing or even for the boxes and materials used for it.

We are a company that operates centrally, facilitating online pharmacies to approach us with any kind of queries. We have a team of dedicated and accomplished professionals in this business supported by an equally capable and highly available IT environment. Our bookings are open round the clock thereby allowing us to serve you better irrespective of your location.

We are efficiently organized so as to prevent any lacuna that may emerge anytime in our online operations. Our focused approach and organizational brilliance enable us to function efficiently even under the most difficult circumstances. We promise one hundred percent customer satisfaction through our products’ quality, pricing and services.

As we execute orders in your name, we show you as the consignor and also mention your address. Name and address of Global Dropship India is mentioned nowhere in your order placed with us. We, being your trusted pharmacy dropshipper, do not disclose your transfer price to end-users. These precautions are taken so that you remain as dedicated suppliers of pharmaceutical products to your end-users. Further, we also maintain secrecy of all financial transactions between you and us to keep you protected from unwanted enquiries.

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