Finding the Right Steps for Addiction Isssues

Before proceeding to treatment of drug addiction, it is necessary to understand that after all – this is a serious illness, and this fact is unconditionally recognized by specialist narcologists of the whole world. The disease is found in medical reference books and catalogs among the list of other diseases. In addition, drug addiction is dangerous because the disease progresses, and leads to death. Therefore, in terms of its severity, drug addiction is equated to cancer. All this is very serious, although in the opinion of many ordinary people, the addict is either a criminal or a person completely degraded, devoid of willpower, and unwilling to change his behavior.

By definition of scientists, drug addiction is a disease related to additive diseases, that is, it is a disease that is caused by addiction. In this case, narcotic dependence is due to the presence in the body of chemicals that can change a person’s consciousness. Addiction, as well as alcoholism, is called “chemical dependence”. With the orange county drug treatment programs the addicts will get a proper chance.

Causes of addiction

It is known that drug addiction, like any other health problem, does not arise from scratch, and there are certain causes that provoke the disease. Most often these are the following factors:

  • Wrong self-esteem, understated, or inflated.
  • Problems with communication.
  • Complexes of psychological nature.
  • Inability to manage one’s own emotions.
  • Stress condition, internal tension.
  • Inclination to increased risk.

Symptoms of the disease

If a person is addicted to drugs, then social manifestations of the disease are made visible to others, and quite quickly, and attract everyone’s attention. And the family can not overlook it. The symptoms are as follows:

  • The patient’s drug addiction is changing the circle of communication.
  • A person is not interested in society, and he does not need it.
  • There is a pronounced self-isolation.
  • Social skills are lost.
  • The patient loses the trust of friends and relatives.
  • Spoiled relations in the family.
  • Refusal to study and work.
  • Committing crimes.

All this must be restored, the behavior must be corrected otherwise the patient can reach a state where it is no longer possible to help a person. Naturally, the process is complex, time consuming. Therefore, a person with a sick psyche who does not have support, to cope with the problem of drug addiction is impossible. At the psychological level, addiction is manifested by the fact that all thoughts of the patient have a direct or indirect focus only on narcotic drugs. The memory of a person becomes selective, he remembers only good moments, and all tense and negative events seem to wear off.

The emotional state of the addict is unstable; it can change rapidly with a deviation in opposite directions. Memory becomes weaker, dips often occur, and the patient cannot remember what he did the night before. A person who suffers from drug addiction behaves inadequately, and lies even when it is much easier to tell the truth. Even in the situation when the problem with breaking is solved, at the level of the psyche there is destruction. If this fact is ignored, the occurrence of recurrence is inevitable.

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